Our mission is to strengthen the effectiveness of the public and private sector
agencies so that they may better serve their communities and clients. To achieve
this purpose, we deliver customized and participatory consulting services.

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About Gibson & Associates

Founded in 1986, G&A is a consulting firm that provides research, evaluation, grant writing, and strategic planning services to educational organizations, non-profits, city governments, and other public agencies. We have worked throughout California and nationally and our team is located in both the San Francisco Bay Area and in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


We engage in a participatory process with our clients and customize our services to their needs.

Areas of Focus

We offer services in core areas vital to healthy communities, governmental, and non-
governmental organizations.

G&A Projects

We have provided consulting services to hundreds of clients for over thirty years.

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Recent Accomplishments

Innovative STEM and Literacy Education Grants

In the past three years, G&A wrote 5 successfully funded multi-year STEM partnership grants resulting in more than 10 million dollars to improve STEM education for more than 300 teachers across five school districts. From 2003 to 2013, G&A crafted 12 grants for programs serving children and youth from pre-K to 12th grade, resulting in more than 30 million dollars to improve early literacy and STEM learning for children and youth.

Municipal Planning, Grant Development, and Program Evaluation

From 2014 to 2016, G&A worked with the City of Berkeley to conduct external evaluations of city-funded programs and to refine their grant making process. G&A has also facilitated strategic planning processes for the cities of Irvine and Oakland. G&A has conducted extensive research into best practices for municipal funding and collective impact grantmaking policies.

College-Career Education Programs

G&A worked with the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) to successfully craft the Capital Region Academies for the Next Economy (CRANE) Consortium pilot grant, serving 70 high schools and 197,000 students in a linked learning initiative. G&A has conducted extensive research into best practices in creating linked-learning and promoting college-career readiness and success.

Evaluation and Data Analyses

G&A was selected to lead the external evaluation team for the 29 million dollar New Haven Unified School District Race to the Top Grant. Based on expertise in quantitative and qualitative evaluation and data analysis, G&A was asked to present at several conferences and panels including the California Department of Education, the Coalition for Essential Schools, and the Oakland Literacy Coalition.

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