Our mission is to strengthen the effectiveness of the public and private sector
agencies so that they may better serve their communities and clients. To achieve
this purpose, we deliver customized and participatory consulting services.

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“The most important role for me has been that of a parent and a parent advocate. G&A has done a remarkable job assessing the districtís needs and providing a plan to address those needs.”

— President, District Advisory Council & Parent
Oakland Unified School District


Eliminating the Achievement Gap in Schools and Districts

District Planning

G&A has worked with districts of all sizes, including two of the largest urban districts and one of the smallest in the state. Our participatory process involves stakeholders in developing systemic plans to address achievement and opportunity gaps through improvements in structures, operations, and organizational culture.

Building School Capacity

G&A helps schools to build on assets and address critical improvements. Our needs assessments include review of multiple forms of data - from local, state and national assessment instruments in literacy, science and math to high school graduation, and college acceptance and attendance patterns. We have experience designing tools to evaluate professional learning experiences, collaboration, and parent and community relations. Our plans are jointly drafted with implementable benchmarks to reach bold goals, while also addressing the nuts and bolts of daily school operations, such as the master schedule, student placement, curricular planning, and assessments.

Pre-K-12/University, Community, and Business Partnerships

The staff at G&A understand how to create partnerships in a number of areas including literacy, STEM, career and college preparation, and children and family health services. G&A matches appropriate partners and facilitates planning for achievable goals resulting in institutional changes, sustainable relationships, and long-term collective impact.

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