Our mission is to strengthen the effectiveness of the public and private sector
agencies so that they may better serve their communities and clients. To achieve
this purpose, we deliver customized and participatory consulting services.

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“I have found G&A to be extremely responsive to our needs. Their work has been uniformly excellent and appreciated by staff throughout BHCS. I recommend G&A for any research, assessment or planning processes. They make my life easier and have also benefited our process significantly.”

—Director of Administrative Operations
Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services

Strategic Planning

Effectively integrating client and community assets, local data, and
evidence-based practices

G&A has experience conducting multiple strategic planning process for non-profits, local education agencies, and city governments. Our work has included needs assessments, community input, development of mission and values statement, steering committee facilitation, best practice research, and production of a usable plan. We conduct, summarize and present research on promising practices to inform program design. G&A creates a variety of participatory structures to ensure that stakeholders move from buy-in to a sense of ownership.  Our goal is to create a practical roadmap for implementation, with performance measures, outcomes and benchmarks that practitioners can use as a resource to guide their efforts.

A Participatory Approach:  

A cornerstone of the G&A approach is to develop multiple forums to obtain stakeholder input, from program staff to grantees to consumers of funded programs.  Authentic input not only creates buy-in among those who may be hesitant about impending changes, but also ensures that the new model addresses concerns and issues important to those who must use it. By involving community based organizations and stakeholders early in the process, we can work to create win-win plans that reflect real community needs and priorities.

The G&A Approach:

  • Participatory: We engage both the client and the consumer of services

  • Asset-focused: We identify strengths, before deficits

  • Research-based: We incorporate best and promising practices

  • Data-informed: We use multiple sources of data throughout our process


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