Our mission is to strengthen the effectiveness of the public and private sector
agencies so that they may better serve their communities and clients. To achieve
this purpose, we deliver customized and participatory consulting services.

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“G&A staff were very knowledgeable and had information available for every meeting.”

— Bay Area Community Member

Projects by Service

Strategic Planning

City of Irvine Strategic Plan for Children, Youth and Families:  The City of Irvine asked G&A to facilitate a comprehensive planning process that resulted in a 5 year plan for Children, Youth and Families. We facilitated five task forces, community and youth input processes, to develop a plan that reflected community needs and resources, and best practices. In support of this effort G&A completed extensive research in relation to health & fitness, child care, underage drinking, mental health and assistance to families in need.  In addition, we convened a number of national and regional experts who will advise Irvine stakeholders in relation to early childhood development and child health. The plan received unanimous approval from the City Council.

Community Climate Action Plan  The County of Alameda turned to G&A to partner with AECOM in the development of the local Community Climate Action Plan for the unincorporated areas of Alameda County. The G&A team was responsible for outreach and helped facilitated the engagement of 25 agencies and more than 400 individuals in community meetings, focus groups, and participation in online questionnaires. Data was incorporated into the final plan.

Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY), Strategic Plan:  G&A led a planning process for the City’s major fund for children and youth services. This process resulted in the development of OFCY’s funding priorities and strategies to serve over 20,000 children and youth with their $10 million annual budget for the four years from 2006 to 2010. We engaged the fund’s policy group in redefining the organization’s mission, vision and values. We conducted community research on a variety of indicators of the health and well being of Oakland’s youth. We performed GIS mapping to depict the population characteristics in relation to Oakland’s districts and gaps in services. G&A held focus groups with parents, youth and community stakeholders to gain input on the priorities for services. We worked with Oakland’s Youth Commission to conduct a day-long summit where participants, aged eight to 18 built models of their neighborhoods, identifying features that would improve their community. Through this process the City developed strategic partnerships with the school district, after school providers, and early childhood agencies.

Family Education and Resource Center Planning in Alameda County: G&A conducted the planning process for Alameda County’s Behavioral Health Care Services’ Family Education and Resource Center (FERC), which is a Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) funded program and is the first of its kind in California. The FERC serves family members of consumers participating in MHSA programs from all age groups. A primary goal of this program is to engage family members from traditionally un-served and under-served communities across Alameda County, which involves a community engagement and input process. Gibson & Associates coordinated and conducted all aspects of the FEC planning, including facilitation of an advisory committee, research on evidence-based practices, interviews with stakeholders, consumers and family members and the creation of a written plan and budget for the operation of the Family Education and Resource Center.

Local Education Agency Development and Planning: G&A worked with two of the ten largest districts in California (San Francisco and Oakland), along with four smaller districts in Fairfield, San Rafael, and Antioch to develop three-year strategic plans. These processes involved stakeholders at all levels, from parents and community members, to students, and district leaders. G&A used student achievement data, student, parent, and staff survey data, and evidence-based research practices to help identify the most effective methods to eliminate the achievement gap and improve educational outcomes. The inclusive processes led to each plan being unanimously passed and implemented by their school boards with impressive results. For example, after the implementation of their plan, Oakland Unified School District became the most-improved urban district in California for three years in a row.

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