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“Ms. Meucci’s academic work as a Sociologist is focused on youth policy, and her experience as a program and agency director has been in piloting research-based models of youth services.”


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Sandra Meucci, PhD

Affiliate Specialist

Dr. Meucci served as the Senior Associate for the Community Research and Evaluation Team at Gibson & Associates for five years and continues to work as an affiliate specialist for a range of project. For twenty-five years, Sandra Meucci developed and evaluated youth services and programs. Her academic work as a Sociologist is focused on youth policy and her experience as a program and agency director, has been in piloting research-based models of youth services. Early in her career she successfully developed a community-based residential service system in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for multiply handicapped children living in institutional environments. This required fostering agreements with medical, social service, vocational, academic, and community-based institutions to treat and provide for these exceptionally vulnerable children. This work was on the forefront of the 1970s social movement to reintegrate institutionalized handicapped people into the fabric of community life. During this time Sandra Meucci became certified through Syracuse University to evaluate human service programs and she consulted with several state Directors of Health and Human Services to set up statewide systems of community re-integration services.

In California Sandra again designed and piloted innovative models of youth services, as part of the planning project for the California Wellness Foundation (described earlier). She subsequently worked for years in stride with the public health movement in California to change social norms around tobacco use among youth. California is, of course, on the cutting edge of the public health campaign, which has succeeded in substantially reducing tobacco use and has documented major improvements in heart and lung disease prevalence as a result. With a grant from the California Department of Health Services, Sandra designed and implemented a model of involving youth (middle school and college-aged youth) in enacting policies and practices regarding tobacco use.

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